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“The king of dogs and the dog of kings.”

On display will be Irish Terriers, Irish Setters, Irish Kerry Blues, Irish Water Spaniels, and of course the Irish Wolfhounds in the largest exhibition of all-breeds Irish Dog Show in western America.  Specially featured is the Irish Wolfhound, “The king of dogs and the dog of kings.”

We will begin Saturday with 10:00 a.m. lure practice runs -- each Hound is welcome to try and we'll find ways to encourage each one. This is a special request to see our Hounds run as only they can...

The sport of coursing-the pursuit of swift game by swift hounds- has been done sine the days of the ancient Egyptians. Not just a pleasurable pastime of the Pharaohs and other royalty, coursing also provided food for the table and eliminated predators.

Although the need for it as a means of survival was eliminated with the advances of civilization, it continues to flourish as a modern-day sport because of its timeless appeal. Coursing remains the same breathtaking spectacle it has been for thousands of years, and it is filled with the excitement of beautiful hounds exerting themselves to the limit. In lure coursing, the lure is several white plastic bags tied to a line attached to a machine made from a starter motor. The lure is dragged at between 35 and 40 mph across a pre-arranged course or a continuous loop course. The course is setup to simulate the way in which a rabbit would run. There are 90 degree turns, long straight-aways and even crossovers in the course.

Irish Dog Show Info. Contact:

Alexis Montgomery

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