Terry Anderson 
at the first Irish Fair.

Ronny Carroll  and Jerry Kellher in our trophy booth

Noreen Brennan and Mary Carroll

The Devonshire Stadium where the games and parade shows were held. Above is the Granada Hills Marching band is playing. 

Smokey Cooley

Irish Import Shop owned by Dick Jones at the time.

The Grand Parade led by Irene Cooley. Irene later became a Fair Board member.

As you can see, we are under construction. I'm trying to remember names and events, fairs and such. A number of early fair photos where never scanned onto the computer and I'm trying to locate them. 

Hibernian Division Two Officers. Left to right. Joe Fallon, Treasure. Nick Moran, 2nd Vice President. Terry Anderson, President. Walt O'Shea 1st. Vice President. Larry Daly, Financial Secretary.

Pleasant Title